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  1. they was unable unbind costume feature for reason....bussiness. understand?
  2. MR X


    we have on angel costum
  3. Enemy's friend (The enemy of my enemy is my friend )
  4. As you know....we have 4 level easy(1x), normal(2x), hard(3x) and heroic(4x+Boom area). And how if you add this one: Survival Survival just give you chance 1x enter. if you are dead in dungeon, you can not continue anymore and you need start from begin. Zombie All monster in area location will attack you(as the zombie). The monster is not harder but be carefull when enter the area. You need prepare yourself. Do you love the extreme dungeon? Reputation will like as heroic...
  5. MR X

    MCoin popups

    They r never remove that....because time is money for them (and for me)....welcome to warspear online
  6. THIS. but not anymore. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=911.0 and disagree
  7. 50% people say...please reduce pvp zone (Mc always raped by elves) 50% people more....please bring back pvp zone
  8. not 6 month...but 1 year + 6 month
  9. MR X


    lol RUSSEL THE SPAMMER need - karma again.....g,m give him -100000000000000 karma
  10. MR X

    Termitary bugs

    he mean like this one....
  11. Barbarian totally dead,,,, no more 'em talk anything abt barbar on this section ("Barbarian")
  12. Never....because im terorist....i will let sentinel and legion to be our enemy. No sentinel and legion .... just us
  13. they dont need it....they just need super power heal and shield .... lol
  14. Ayvondil is badass island ever, not like iresnort.
  15. Right http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=114641.0
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