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  1. magic defence = all magic defence(Astral, sun, moon, dark defense) increase 1%/levelHealth = idk how much hitpoint that they will give for each level. I think 100 HP for each level mana poin = same like health, dnt know. i think 20 mp for each level
  2. You break 1 rule....Your post: x Please spam forum ;D until get 15 posting
  3. MR X

    failed skills??

    cuz ur face fail
  4. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=723.msg12995#msg12995 this is ur answer, open this link
  5. MR X


    dont kiss the monster!
  6. MR X

    Guild Party

    epic suggestion :facepalm: 2 words: 1.Guild .... and .... 2 party :rofl:
  7. Yea if 1 vs 1 arena, i dont agree but if there is pvp area that not give arena point, im agree.
  8. MR X

    I got scam

    epic faceplam :facepalm:
  9. MR X

    Drama thread

    Drama? hm.... :facepalm: plz click menu and quit my darling! I dont want see u again! u are dumbass!!
  10. lol its almst like my suggestion on my signature :facepalm:
  11. the best memes ever i seen in drawing contest
  12. All, titanes. except, me :rofl:
  13. Tpain has ignored you. Why?
  14. :rofl: i got trap too, i wanna kill seduce too in game
  15. lucky, u arn't tell a normal day in western caravan
  16. Blue is developer point.
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