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  1. :search: I want make warspear become more modern
  2. Roland will kill russel. He already create lvl 1 wpn for kill russel :aggressive:
  3. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87194.0 this is ur answer lol 10000 dmg
  4. if girl play call of duty(look at the end video)
  5. hello dev, i dont get suprise chest gift on my 3 char until now :( : Lvl 20 Shaman EU Lvl 18 BladeDancer US Lvl 10 Druid US Its not mean my suprise chest lost becouse bag full. My bag is not full and I really dont get it :( .
  6. and i will stop play ws too, next month, forever :(
  7. the system has been set like that
  8. im remember, when my 1st char still child :cray: . I dont hve friend. :cray: But until now i dont hve friend :cray:
  9. i never hunt that. It waste my time. better gtg quest daily :diablo:
  10. sing a song: make an enemy hear your badass sound when singing a song and make an enemy run from you :good:
  11. 1st account rogue lvl 20: ok Barbar lvl 20: ok shaman lvl 20: no d.k lvl 10: ok druid lvl 10: no b.d lvl 18: no 2nd account rogue lvl 4: ok d.k lvl 3: ok paladin lvl 5: ok b.d lvl 3: ok mage lvl 2: - paladin lvl 1: - why just my 1st account tottally not get suprise chest :'( . my fren got all from each account. im really sad.
  12. 1 account = 3 char :unknw: that who get suprise chest? I hve 6 char in 1 acc, (lvl: 20, 20, 20, 10, 10, 18) but i just got supriese chest from my char that i mark with "red" color
  13. :drinks: :blush: i love it 3000000 army 300000 legion and 2700000 sentinel 2000000 afker :blush:
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