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  1. http://imgur.com/HA7ATBc



    1000 years before the nadir sard lived, there was one clan who known as Magmara. None of the creatures currently living beings nor know their race. They live around the volcano and stay under the ground at the volcano. They designed a fire-resistant armor to survive. Section helmets are the effects of fire that do not know how they make the armor. They believe the armor which survive was holded by their warlord. So, Nadir's Peoples called Volcano  Warlord's Armor. They believe that the magnara clan is a fire elemental which like human-shape. However, once a massive earthquake had destroyed their residence and bury and sunk them. Nadir Sard people only find one of their armor and armor are used as research. They found magmara's name on the tombstones are located below the cave of the city nadir sard. 

  2. i don't think any barb use roar cause it is useless,, u should have remake warcery cause not working well

    nope....roar are usefull. and now time are increase.

    as you know Roar+Warcry+Shield+Shield Strike = OP defensive

    Barbarian with shield is better than using 2H. They are usefull in arena to be tanker. They can't die in 5 sec or less (But stat should better)

    but 50/50 i lose many time in arena because they didn't kill/attack me 1st. They kill my partner 1st(not barbarian)  :facepalm:  . barbarian just have charge n shield strike to save ur partner from enemy's ambush. hell out yeah XD


    my warcry lvl 3, roar level 1 and blade fury lvl 2. It's still safe me from enemies.


    where warcry arn't working?

  3. It's not bug. Cause by connection from you device to server is low.

    or sometime, it's not meaning you have bad network. Sometime it caused by:

    -many people who login to server

    -Your device range to server is far and it cause delay of sending data. (desynchronization)

    -etc etc etc

    You need check ping everytime and Sometime and you'll need buy a good connection if there's not in catagory.

  4. New warlock skill = To be liberty's statue \

    New b,d skill = passive skill...it's ok

    New barbar skill = Defeat  it's 1st barbar better skill

    New Paladin skill = Shield strike version

    New Shaman skill = just reduce cooldwon  yeah usefull but for class who have long cooldown.

    New rogue skill = ok it's can be mutiple target

    New necromancer skill = Amazing AoE mix blinding but hitting them will stop the effect

    New druid skill =  ah stun skill again?

    New D.K skill = Nice but....can't use any ability for a while

    New Priest skill = AoE heal and losing buff ?  omg

    New mage skill = nice dmg skill and slowing atk speed

    New ranger skill = nice as mage



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