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  1. Is it okay having done this many runs in 2 days time and having gotten 0 drops? Or am i just really, really unlucky?
  2. I need a bunch of relics for my charmer too but considering i've no friends at that side, im fine with nothing, i guess
  3. I got some small ones here and there, most notable is the 50% off energy consumption on the auto atk buff. The crit was done by an expert skill, so no relics there to help it
  4. +9 tech daggers, lv22/20 horror accessories, and a hell of a lot of buffs
  5. Screw Nessah, where's Wirtsleg?
  6. The screenshot doesn't show arena accessories/armor anymore just a costume. Can you shed some light?
  7. >ctrl + f "mage" >1 related >nobody mentions that mages get the highest mdef of all characters This thread belongs to the trash. >but muh melee gets 5~8k mdef And 0 resilience? My mage gets 6.5k at max resilience set with just helm/glove enchants, and I still can't do shit due to no stun to help me, what makes you think removing the damn rune will help anyone?
  8. Doremy

    100 Wins of AoA

    Thats a nice idea, but statues would be hard to represent something, still though, good thinking Wouldn't you want the same for your guild if it was to get the first hundred wins? To be recognised in all servers for the work done? Neutral is okay, I respect it, but is there any reason for you to be so? I'm curious
  9. Doremy

    100 Wins of AoA

    Hey, good morning and welcome to the thread. If you're someone who's against/does not like AoA, do yourself a favor and exit the topic because this is a thread solely based on that. Rude behaviour will be moderated according to the forum rules. Okay, so straight to the main point, I made this thread because the guild leader has asked me to do so, so we both may find out if there's even any point in having done 100 wins, other than show? The people in the guild and the leader have been working on tournament and spending for it weekly for over a year now, they're questioning whether are they getting a reward for reaching a big milestone, or not. I believe everyone would be sad if they weren't going to get something, though that's just my opinion Currently as seen in other servers, AoA has the most #1 trophies, surpassing even Nuclear and DarkEmpire of Amber, at a whooping 97 trophies, in which in 2 weeks it's gonna hit 100, We'd like to know if there's anything coming up for such a time, otherwise I'm afraid the leader will be sad about it, though I'm just here as a messenger, I've been in the guild for over a year now, so it'll affect me in a way or two, too, I guess... Well, the whole point here is, is there anything waiting for us at 100 trophies, or should we not wait much? We're not going to be radical, but we're itchy to know. Thread made in tavern, anyone can share ideas on 100 win awards/weekly tour awards and bring some attention, and again, negative/bad behaviour will be moderated
  10. Character skill suggestions are to be posted under their own part of the forum. I like the idea of having such a skill, but we can't but only hope it'll be this or something close to this next time PETA gonna sue us for animal cruelty next We should all stop suggesting under the assumption devs aren't doing anything at all
  11. Maybe I should park highest healing necro in their town and never let them do anything xd 1124 heal necro on the way, boys #Not, I'm lazy
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