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  1. Make Sure you had the app Called Twitch and watch my stream on warspear while running farms and quests and dungeons in the most challenging way and really really funny commentaries! xD heres the link! FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH AND ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS! https://www.twitch.tv/shamanveez/dashboard ENJOY FELLOW WARSPEAR PLAYERS!
  2. It would be cool if dev made guild houses where guild members can hangout and chat, for like guilds lvls 3-10 just like when you need guild lvl 2 for warehouse, so you can earn a guild house at lvl 3, lets say a guild house is worth 255k gold and 120 unity signs and a guild house limit for players is like 10 , people come and go, but for ranks heirs and leader can only enter just like when rank explorers can now take things out of warehouse and invite people to guild, but you need leaders permission to enter guild house to hangout, by the way, when you enter guild house you can have a 5minute chaos potion effect whenever you enter so you can go against your members for fun or for pvp ratings, maybe people can keep having fun with guild activities, while the warspear staff can have less complains about guild strength and slots, 100 slots is a lot for lvl 10 but it would be easier to farm bosses that are mythical to kill or win wars throughout Arinar ( if i spelled it right , or Guilds should apply for alliances for like wars and protection for Guild houses, for example, Guild-1 and Guild-2 are in faction Legion, and they had full slots for each guild, lets say 20-20, and they had to goto Teir1 (town 1 in map Irselnort) and you visited a Guild Shop (not guild merchant) and theres an npc named (Guild Alliance or Guild Command Station) and you and another guild leader had to pay 100k gold for guild alliance, guild alliance color should be dark green or blue of any chance, your pick , just giving you guys a bright idea for an incoming update , for players to enjoy game play more often. Chao
  3. Um someone said to ask Devs what this stat is and it looks like a clock with 159 on it, someone says its a dev debuff, what is it? Heres some screen shots below i took
  4. Hi Guys! Its me Shamanveez, hoping to bring new people into our stream or guild! We do guild runs everyday!, we also like to bring new people into Warspear Online so they can enjoy the gameplay and the mcoins! My Youtube Gaming Channel is Shamanveez we stream live on warspear every Friday-Sunday! hopefully you guys can come and watch us too! We're gearing up so it takes time for us to look pro any questions of what our guild AsTrAlWar does just ask us below i'll be happy to answer some questions of what our clan does everyday on Warspear Check Out Our Old Screen Shots ! Our Guild Name Went From PandaGang to AsTrAlWaR btw
  5. lol i put 20 signs into my 6+ staff and it didnt go up even once
  6. Me And My Guildies AsTrAlWaR will become Mcs new Pro Guild!

  7. So, i'm willing to change my username but sadly it says i need 465 approved posts, which is a big no to me, so i tried to create a new account for my username to be changed, the registration question thing asked for two digits of the number 40, i did what it said and it said incorrect try again, and im like "thats bull" im wondering what im doing wrong can someone help?
  8. im trying to create a new account because i dont like my username its old so i tried to and the registration question thing said put two digits of 40 and i did and it said incorrect i need help

  9. Hey guys we PandaGang will be happy to farm some cc gear and the guild dungeon for ya and farm gp ! just pm the guild leaders Shamanveez and Pandaveez for invite! (must be active and nice to others) Go PandaGang!!
  10. lol we always hunt for you elfs so beware, we're everywhere
  11. I kinda hate to have to use cc for the costumes in Horror Circus, I can't even do anything without getting killed getting my gear broken and not getting invited to dungeons, All my friends are getting cool stuff and cc costumes and i'm just here with nothing its pretty much unfair, I wish we had quests that actually give more cc instead of 5-10 cc, So i'm not having a good time in this event
  12. yeah i agree mcs are op, elfs have trouble trying to kill me lmfao its funny as crap,i like trolling elfs too in their part of their island, ~PandaGang~ (Owner) (and Founder Of PandaGang)
  13. i invite newbies to my guild so they can learn how to play the game and ask for help yall
  14. i guess the new hosting is banning players, new hostings fault
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