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  1. Odin, sorry about that party and thank you on behalf of every new player who needs helps. but here is some advice for you, not every new player is a 'noob' and in most games I have played the noobs are usually the high lvl's, and in this game it seems to be a mixture of both. Also referring too people as noobs, is more noobish then someone whos asking for a pty invite over and over. In my case im frustrated with this entire situation. I'm not going to find a new game, i've invested some real money into my account and I intend too stay even if I will be lvl 20 with no chains, and still haven't visited astral labs.



    Darksoul your story about that six shadow party sounds sooooo similar too mine. Sadly ppl just don't listen, and do exactly what they want even tho it makes them look like an ass. I'm no exception either, when im annoyed and frustrated I tend to do what I want, even tho I often end up wearing the mistake.





    Now just because I think Sapphire is the worst server, doesn't mean i don't think their is potential. Their is allot of potential. The main problem with this game is fractions without unity. What I mean is we have two sides at war, obviously.. Now both sides lack communication, witch is the devs fault...



    I'M SAYING GIVE US CLANS! Yes anyone can make a clan... what I mean give us the ability too communicate and function like a clan. This would allow newer players too be scouted, recruited and helped. It also would give us something to do besides stare at trade, or randomly change party's to find new conversations. Clans, Groups, Clubs are the key too drawing in new, and probably some old customers in. It opens a world of choices.



    Clan wars..

    Server wars..

    Clan raids..

    Clan events..



    A game I played a few years ago focused on clans in a way that many people enjoyed. They set up dungeons and a tax rate on the dungeon (1-5% of gold is taken from drop and put into a clans bank) and diffrent clans would compete for on a weekly basis.



    Now that wouldn't work here, but lets say a weekly war over who gets too farm certain bosses between mc and elf would be fun.





    I so went off topic.. but its simple solutions like these that could make this game, and server a whole lot better. Someone told me once before if the developers lack insight on a game, so will the players.

  2. ok see that is where the problems lay.. take gg for example, i helped take it back earlier from elfs, the farm pt stays everyone else leaves. the frm pt was a lv 13 shaman a lv 20 rouge  and a lv 17 barb. im lv 16 dk, i ask to join and no response so i ask again, and even pm. all they did was kill gobs and ignore me. 15 mins later i see them in trade screaming war at gg.


    No i will not come to the aid of farmers when i myself receive no support. I will continue to help questors and others, but as far as im concerned farmers are the reason mc is weak.

  3. i suggest devs fix the quest locations on foresaken island. rly getting tired of explaining where to go.


    around lv 10 close too 11  you finish a quest in the town house of ashes and suddenly you have no quest left. no markers on your map! what too do?

  4. you see it yes, but they fail, with exception of genie and kratt, dinalt party gets wiped before 1st spawn.  and we are pts of lv 14 - 16 encountering road blocks of lv 18+. point is not many high lvl mc help instead they laugh and call us noobs. or they get their lv 20 elf and friends and chain block.

  5. :facepalm: two weeks of failed attempts for dinalt! no high lvls help. can't farm cuz all the same high lvls hog spot. most of mc are high lvl ampd up elfs waiting nearby to surprise atk you. overpriced item, i mean 80k for a lv 13 sword with no amps! wtf!?!


    devs need too fix this, cuz at this rate all new players will quit once they hit lv 15 and see they can't progress their game due too unbalanced factions and unbalanced pvp system


    its unbalanced because mc cannot collect the armour and stat bonus from chainless like elfs can.

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