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  1. MC shop runes/xtals can be equipped too any level of gear.

    the amount a mc rune/xtal gives is determined by the level of the gear.. so at lower levels its best to use incomplete runs/xtals. the level on the incomplete rune/xtal can only be used on corresponding gear.. I.E.. a level 13 ring cannot be equipped with a level 14 incomplete rune/xtal, even if your level 15.



  2. ok so are you willing to pay 300k vs 60k? people charge 150k+ for the frigging equipment that has 0 amp and 0 rune/xtals.


    the shield also only grants extra physical def, and deep astral requires  dark def. it also gives block percentage, but with my gear currently tweaked for spear... yea thats more over priced garbage.


    dark shield is the best armor buff in the game, for pve. its always on and cd is over before the buff expires. with this i can out tank any barb with or without a shield.


    the problem isn't a DK with no shield its the rouges who try to spam their skills on a boss, only to steal argo and scream 'HEAL ME'.


    Why is that? simply put people don't know the difference between PvE and PvP styles.


    Witch brings me back too gold... people are geared for pvp, because the gear is cheaper and easier too obtain (arena). Opposed to PvE where the gear is farmed or purchased at an outrageous price.


    Lastly, try playing a DK... Its not your typical smash and bash class. 

  3. 1) make sure quest navigation is turned ON

    2) check all map location surrounding your last quest completion. Check ALL caves and buildings.


    sorry i only know 2 maps, yours is not one. on forsaken map you lose quests also. i found my next quest by searching within the first 5 spaces surrounding the town i last completed a quest in. no yellow ! appeared on my map. One was even out in the open, but the quest navigator lead me right to it, just needed to enter the map . the other was in a building. NOTE: this is the forsaken map and NOT the mountain clan map.

  4. a shame vice leader?  nope, from what I've seen she's all about fun and respecting others. the other day my kid woke up crying  had to go afk, i come back to a low lvl ranger attacking me from a portal. now that's shameful. keizsha kept me alive, she didn't know me, she didn't have too. but she did.


    rejected by elf side? nope don't think that's the case either. for if she was an outcast of elfs, you wouldn't make insulting  threads about her.. nor would you make alt toons just too insult her from a lv 2 while your elfs laying face first at her feet. No if she was truly rejected by elfs she wouldn't even be a topic, just a target nothing more.


    user gal? now your just reaching. if you knew what respect ment, and you obviously don't with your fresh new forum id, you'd know how a team/clan/friendship function.



    my advice to you, move on, its not healthy to live in the past.

  5. sry, stupid userface on android doesn't allow scrolling so couldn't finish


    as i was saying, that combination with 2h spear can drop any class, or cripple them.


    stun/pull/pain/provoke = stun, reg dmg, dark dmg/pull,xtra dmg to all attacks/pain, skill dmg


    now thats 3 atks all in seconds powered by dark.



  6. that's all based on lower lvl gear and a randomized dark shield ... as i have said it works great in pve, but in PVP it does NOT work as good, if it works at all.


    as for bonus i go dark for two reasons:


    1. it determines how much extra dmg is dealt with pull.

    2. it effects the extra damage given with stun.


    now at lv 18 you will be able to equip accessories that give good dodge, accuracy along with good  dark damage. most of witch is new and hard to obtain. atleast on my server )


    now for pvp combination and why 2h spear


    stun/pull/pains/provoke  its all in precisely timing your stun with pull, you have a split second window to pull it off.

  7. Odin the answer is stun skill isn't a skill,atleast it don't act like one... its a buff/spell.. witch is what im saying too fix  :facepalm: by putting the animation on the intended target it will act more like a skill rather then a buff.


    the pull works fine a bit tricky but im getting the hang of it. only thing i would like to see with pull is have it disable movement for just one second. im not saying skills just unable too run. but if you make stun a skill instead of a buff, pull would be just fine

  8. Stun in this skill works correctly. Stun is short with small cooldown just for 1 purpose - not to let victim run after using that skill. It's not a fulltime stun.


    so the description is just wrong? should fix that its very misleading.  a 10 second cd isn't really small.. but hey im content with the cd.. my complaint and others is the slowness of the skill.. and the duration of witch you have to use... here's a vry common scenario for me...


    elf atks, cast stun skill (smoke signal goes up) elf counter with their stun cuz its faster. stun skill failed. or...


    elf atks, smoke signal up, elf step back 3 spaces stun fail...


    I've said in dk forum that the main problem with the skill is its animation. don't get me wrong, i love the animation, but like I've implied its a smoke signal tjt gives us a disadvantage.  the it the opponent should receive the animation. fix this and i and many others would be happy

  9. sorry had to pop in on this one but you yourself just wasted a couple revives, but I will say you made one hell of a run for it.


    yeah while he was leading you around i was leading questors to there boss  :rofl:  :drinks:

  10. i prefer spear because with high enough amps and extra damage with pull you should be able to one pull kill, excluded tanks. rangerweed for example barely survive a pull with reg atk and pain criting on a pull, a total of 1400 dmg with +6 spear lv 5 pain and lv 2 pull  :shok: not vry impressive compared to rouge and rangers ... now imagine if i had a +8 or better doom spear 8)


    i won't knock sheild and sword but i highly recommend jewelry and cloak tht boosts dark dmg

  11. Death Knight

    level 17


    I'm not looking for freebies... I'm looking for a clan that likes too farm. I'd like too make some gold and further amp my gear. i pick up quickly when pointed in right direction. i have completed all quests including chainless and six shadow.


    current gear

    +6 smoking spear

    +4 bg helm

    +6 bg armor

    +5 arena boots/gloves

    +5 poopie belt


    so hit me up here or in game. same forum name as game  so Comehere



  12. he never revive that much :facepalm:


    uh yes he did. he spent atleast 295 mc from what i seen.  and the last 3 kills was with me and other dk's circling his body. honestly i wish i was stretching the truth, as your implying, sadly it is not. either the dudes rich and dgaf or he's suffering from roid rage..


    next time just give us the mc and you can farm gg ALL DAY!  >:D

  13. already deathknights have 2 skill to stun enemie whatever you want


    what i want is a balanced game with skills that function as described. there is a big difference between 1.5 seconds and 4 seconds.


    better stun rogue+bd :yahoo: :yahoo:



    rouges gouge is not a stun, its a means to disable an enmie aggressor.. fails, but has higher success rate then DK.


    bladedancers hamstring works as described and holds 3 seconds and within several seconds your stunning your target again.

  14. here's a story about a rich paladin with a expensive epic fail. :bomb:


    while waiting for gg to spawn my  party laid face first in the dirt while i bravely fought off and slaughtered 20+ rangers! lol ya right they kicked my ass  :cray: so on the way back to take back, i regroup with 3 dk buds and we sat up top to pull in wandering idiots like this lvl 18 pala named thorrrrrrrrrrrr!  :yahoo: so we slaughter him... then the moron rivives!  :rofl: we instantly pull and kill again! and the dude revives again! and again! and again! and again! and again!  :fool: :crazy:

  15. sorry about the negativity in my other post, glad you like DK! and i highly recommend the smoking spear! the arena spear is better but it looks like a dogs penis so.... mines +6 atm and with pull combo it crits 900+  and the stun skill crits about the same, with 109 dark and lv 2 skill on both stun and pull.


    yes they need to fix skill animation. they aren't bad, they just cripple the caster. inatead of putting a demon head above the caster, infuse the sword or spear with a dark glow, or smoke as the skill implies and then when the attack is successful put a demon head above the one afflicted. also make the duration a few seconds, like other class's just like the skill description implicates.



    the shield skill is ok. works fine against mobs and bosses,  but in pvp its useless at lv5 i have not seen it cut damage or even block any attacks. the skill animation is kick ass! but i think if they gave it tje ability to ignore / resistance to players skill would bring the DK to the same lvl of pvp. right now a dk in pvp is just a sitting duck.

  16. I love DK..


    now the stun skill is very deadly when you do connect and if it crits, but you have a low chance of that. it's based off dark magic so items with dark power boost its damage but keep in mind fb have a %5 dark resistance. yes its too slow ro use in pvp and the BIG smoke signal allows your opponents to counter vry easily.



    the pull claims to grab at 5 yards... unless your opponent is running and then you just follow them.and i really think this skill needs too be fixxed.  couple days ago i chased a elf for 3 maps 3 spaces behind and never pulled and when it did, i still couldn't get a hit because it doesn't hold ur target. and then you have a 30s cd


    the provoke makes bo sense, you lose your target after useing. tht makes it difficult too fight because then u have to relock like ur opponent. and tje targeting system is vry poor.


    the thorns skill is poor in speed. every other classes main skill is almost instant, thorns takes around 1.5 seconds to use.


    im a lvl 17 Dk and as much as i love my class, its extremely weak compared too oyher melee classes.






  17. bored of lvling system sick of over populated elfs annoyed by the lack of stuff to do.



    seriously if you want to expand your market you need too fix...


    on some servers u are outnumbered 1 to 5 and it really ruins your game when u have to kill 50 elf before u can kill 20 spiders for a cheap as reward. im seriously about to find another game to spend my cash on. A simple option to change server's at a fee is all you need... and no im not starting over! i spent time and money on this server! and no im not going to play yet another over powered elf ranger.


    make it less items for quests or increase award, or offer better useful items for completion. you need upwards of 40 items! and the frigging reward don't even cover repairs! and the thing that ticks me off, collecting 20 plants or gold stashes!  never enough spots, and always competitive with other player's to get it first! and that's if there is even a item there! one time i needed 20 Camilla or whatever

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