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  1. So i finally can install the update! I sign in and on my way! nope i bump into a lvl 14 slug with 100k hp and one hits me for 2877 hp! wtf is that about??? then i find a ugly looking mofo and again another 1 hit wonder ... Im a lvl 18death Knight with nearly 3k def and a lvl 5 dark shield but these mobs can 1 hit me. thats rly focked up! so here's my questions..


    1) are mobs in swamps intended to be 1 hit wonders?

    2) what were u thinking???

    3) you going to change name from warspear to gayspear?

    4) do you spend all that cash on crack?


    If you want to claim to be the best mobile game out there, then start listening to your customers and answer your emails!! implement a clan system encourage teamwork and most of all give a god dam reward for killing an OVER POWERED mob!!!

    Im uninstalling this game im done with your lack of community, communication and lack of consideration for customers. WORST MOBILE GAME EVER!

  2. use a laptop or pc to download from website download page and send it to ur phone via bluetooth. problem solved. i did that on mine.  ;D


    thanks, unfortunately I do not have net, and am unable to do that.  :facepalm:

  3. I do not use at&t. I run off of sprint's 3G network. I have the APK file and when i try too run it, i  get the message  "application not installed" and when I download from google play it downloads then goes to installing and then i get the message "unable to store on SD card and internal memory." all caches have been cleared and i have more then enough memory on SD card and phone. I also used up all of my data consumption in the past week trying too update!  :

  4. kim, you have every right to be pissed off, as do i. This game may be free to play, but some of us have  invested alot of REAL MONEY  and time into the game. This is bad business! and the lack of response from customer service and snorlax is out right insulting!  :facepalm:

  5. What you mean?  :unknw: I have android and am playing fine as well as many others


    I have android, my assumption was based off the two others in support who have android and can't install update. I really don't know if its android based, just an assumption  :unknw:

  6. I just made elf :P Is it so far bad?

    And thank you Slay


    let me guess ranger?


    I recommend atleast trying the following classes ;


    Death Knight - my fav class

    Rouge - fun pvp class

    Warlock - requires actual thinking but it's a wicked fun class


    everyone and their mom plays elf.. become forsaken and see what it means to be pro!

  7. spear best for pvp.


    Spear offers dark damage that allows you to add damage to your skills damage, increasing DPS


    A sword gives no dark benefits. It offers a slightly faster attack speed, but does NOT increase DPS. It only allows you to take more damage.


    Look at it this way; In pvp (arena) you want to deal as much damage as fast as you can. With a spear equipped your skills damage output is at its max with normal and dark. I've seen +9 arena spears using just pains crit 1.2k combine that with a stun>pull>pains combo your looking at nearly 3k damage. with a sword that would be about 1.5k or so.


    If you find spear to be too slow try  leather armor, you may like it better

  8. Threads of Darkness (or pull) works like this:


    1) moves the target from it's location too your location. it does NOT prevent skill usage but it restricts movement for a breif moment.


    2) suppression; you will notice a icon on your target after pulling. think of this as a very fast poison.. what it does is adds a % of damage too ANY attack. so a hidden rouge who times your pull can benefit aswell. or when in a party have them spam skills when they see purple lightening.


    My pull is level 2 and at level 20 i intend to have it at level 5. I have noticed your dark damage plays a role in the amount of damage granted, and like dark shield the damage granted is completely random. I have gotten mostly 20 damage added but on occasion it has been 100-200 and on one occasion it was close to 500.


    Currently I'm using a lv 17 +5 abyss spear, and it grants 0 dark damage. All of the above was based on a lvl 13 +6 smoking spear.


    Since I switched spears; I do alot more 20s on pull with occasionally  doing a 70.


    i personally love this skill it offers a nice advantage in pve and pvp. the only downside is the duration and the cooldown.



    he know's he can mute erikalt by himself, but

    Erikalt is ALWAYS arguing about races or other useless shit and most people are reacting on this.. so EVEN if you mute erikalt you are still getting anoyed by him because all other people in trade chat are talking to him... you cant mute everyone.



    so ill say, ban him or mute him in trade chat forever because trade chat is for trading and not for arguing about races and black people.


    i play sapphire and i blocked him awhile ago. i haven't seen any racial remarks since.


    your problem is your feelings got hurt and now your giving him the attention he craves. can't fight ignorance with ignorance.

  10. chainless is a set quests started in nadair. on mc side you start with genie and after several more bosses you get to take on the 3 BG  bosses. each boss requires a kill and item before you can start the next.


    reasons they are hard is each boss is deep within the opposing factions territory.


    the quests open up after completeing quests in T4. G'luck and bring lots of patients.


    oh and you can farm any of these bosses, and im sure u will encounter ppl farming the boss, making it harder for you to kill.


    EXAMPLE : i took 30+ mc too do dinalt, and we held for 30 min. not one person completed the quest. why? greedy farmers stealing kills for themselves and pissed off elfs wanting us dead.

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