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  1. Well, I get your point but there's alsoo computer players and about the size issue just mount SD card and all will be well :clapping:
  2. It's time you guys consider putting achievements for little miracle coins so all playes can a little something of what they like from miracle shop(especially ones without TapJoy). I'm pretty confident you guys can figure out some good achievements. :aggressive: Ex: Obtaning arena gear (20 mcoin), Kill 5 Mc/Fb(20 mcoin), Level 18 or higher (30mcoin) Things of that nature would bring more people to games instead of people having to use all thier prescious gold for a cheap little crystal. Thanks for Reading! ;) ::) :good:
  3. Its ok if your jealous bro, I said lets pvp in arena you dodge my question :;D: sad bro sad...
  4. why hydra disapear after it reach 80000 health?? i used 2 scrolls to tank and now what it disapear??? :diablo: For that al players should get 500mcoin :dirol:
  5. Yeah kuzmitch, theyre players who dont have mcoin barely any gold so how are they supposed to do the quest when there are yellow crowns everywhere..ppl say its easy for rogues but its the same amount of hell because u cant get past one add without being seen( +5 invisibilty) i used basically 30 scrolls for what Nortans rune/crystal, scrolls,or useless potions?
  6. Pliskin after 19-20 you should make a 16-18 tournament... Just so mh rogue can pwn. ;D
  7. Oh yeah also on new island will we be able to kill Elf/Chosen...It'll be nice to ruin a noob players day 8) :diablo: 8)
  8. Can't wait for up date...but on my rogue i have bow and its useless mc side, so will there be drop changes....or trade with other factions. :facepalm:
  9. Whens up date kuzmitch you said it come September..Dont Tell me your on another "vacation" Weve been wating.. :diablo:
  10. Translate this ching ching chong chong ching :rofl:
  11. youre making yourself sound silly sorry i was on my rogue while this happened:rofl: nastyburp i didnt die till caravan. :crazy: im in the beginning of the vid. I thought asains were smart. ;D
  12. Where all the elves/chosen gone? :crazy: your google translate ducking up :lol:
  13. :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: :bad: Dmarzo is now caught ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ignored now :diablo:
  14. why is godsdagger not added :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: few can beat me :dirol:
  15. ;)can I join the clan legionn :friends:
  16. its not letting me post it :diablo: :diablo:
  17. Look :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:
  18. Good Job Too All The Elves/Chosen Who Manged To Get Lake Elemental :yahoo: Hopefully, We Can Get More People To Get It Done Soon... :clapping: BRAVOOOOO!!!! Eat That Mountain Clan. :blush:
  19. Wew i take screenshot from the eyes of mc SAD :yahoo: Evidence!!!!
  20. AFTER ALL THE STUFF HE SAID HE EXPECTS ME TO GET BANNED :rofl:look at this sad sad sad little boy :facepalm:
  21. After all the stuff hes said to people hes gonna try to get me banned by reporting :unknw:me.so sad
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