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  1. You got a point, but your points are no different from our's now is it

    You are on offense to Keiz while we are on defense

    we have a reason to be on defense, probably better than your's on going offense.

    We don't normally join in the main dramas, like now, we are pulling out the butthurt noses off of it



    I'll admit it, I don't want my friend outnumbered just cause her haters joined in, and considering it's a girl...


    What I said was true. Me no care if you no agree mucho. And how sure are you that Eisha is a girl :bomb: O:-)
  2. I didn't forget anything.

    From what I see is Jay telling you to stick your nose off

    and Odin defending himself from your post which came out of nowhere


    Funny, if you call a person who defends himself against your post which involved them which also came out of thin air sticking their nose into someone's business, then you sir, have the most hurt butt ever.

    Also funny how you asked me once in public to why everyone hates Eisha, then you continue to join in the dramas starting attacks on her.

    And the fact you call Jay and Odin dogs cause you *think* they were called her by Eisha, when in fact they were not, and the fact you always stick your nose into Eish's dramas and use " cause I'm a friend of Poley " as a reason when ODIN, JAYTHUG AND ASCETIC IS BOTH CLOSER FRIENDS TO EISH THAN YOU AND POLEY.

    Plus if you can see clearly, non of their posts were related to Eisha and Pliskin's drama, they were directed to the joiners.



    Don't take this offensive ( which you I know will ) and any other names mentioned, just bringing people into the real world.

    I don't wanna start a 2 page long nonsense to try and get the last word, so I'll just post when it's worth it.

    Again no offense intended to anyone.





    ♥♥♥♥ one more thing then.

    -Eisha comes in

    -Talks crazy mad shit

    -Cries to B2K

    -10 seconds later 5 B2K members join the Convo

    -Ask why everyone hates her

    -I think it's funny how whipped Eisha makes everyone around her

    While I dislike what you just said, Ill defend to the death your right to say it. (Family Guy) Insults are only insults because they arent true. Your retardedness was just on display for everyone in this topic. Therefore, it is merely an observation.


    I actually believe French philosopher Voltaire said that ;D 1st world problems
  3. You coulda just let it slide bro. Want an answer? No I wouldnt say anything because I havent said anything to Pliskin myself. Whatever they may have to say does not concern me in the least as I have no problems with him.


    Listen to yo big daddy :bomb:
  4. Wanna know what else it is? Not your buisness. So dont mind it


    Yeah and then in ten minutes when she goes crying to ascetics and afro and they come to gangbang on pliskin will you send them the same message :crazy: Highly doubt it.
  5. Ok what I read for these 2 quotes are that balder stole farm but queen says u came an they were farming. Also tht u hero are trying to use ur clan rank to steal farm from another member


    1 For a higher clan member to use his/her higher rank to take from another I can an wont tolerate

    2 You 2 blew this out of proportion you one could have personaly spoke to legionn Champz or me, two didn't have to have queen say anything because what I read from her was tht u came an tried to steal Balder's farm, when there is 2 of every boss.

    3 I think u took this to the point where ur making legionn pick between 2 of his members which I won't have, this is something u 2 could have pmed one of us about an something I see children arguing about.







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