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  1. Thanks for the support If I win I give you a custom of almanut.
  2. ALMANAUT Almanauta was born from the depths of the ancestral labyrinth, having lost all its race and remaining hidden for miles of years in the labyrinth. Now it has been strengthened and has been brutally killed in the war. Its main objective is to kill those who ordered to destroy their race, since they could create weapons to improve any statistics in the game, that is, they commit an error committed by their own nature. Almanauta has harvested a cane so powerful that it is capable of destroying it with a single blow. It is created by the divine water and the life of the dark blue life that is the main material of any powerful weapon and that is what allows us to create unique weapons that surpass statistics.
  3. there is a lot of competition and there is a lot of effort behind each costume that is put to compete, the truth all deserve to be equal taratdos, like minimal comments from the moderators saying that good friend difraz
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