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  1. The vagina dares to talk without a mouth?
  2. Although if it would be free spammers gonna spam But i do agree for it to be free anyway since its the only time with new emoticons
  3. It's Technical Support's Problem Not Here! And why you trade accounts? It's illegal and no chances !
  4. So what do you guys do in Russia? Because its the biggest country in the world and so cold!
  5. See? Everyone does not like Absalom for his actions here and for the record he is not the king of Warspear anyway and now he demands answers why his previous threads got locked without r0land answering his questions."An angry costumer who didn't got his order and yells his order and nobody cares" Btw Nosoatres.Despair is girl anyway and why you do you call her "SIR"? And absalom always complains to Aigrind everyday i don't want to see complains lmao.
  6. Saber

    Abuse of Power

    I don't think Despair was abusing her power anyway.It was just a 2 day mute anyway than perma ban.Although absalom was muted and didn't post for 2 days everything went fine without him.
  7. Even though you do that a hundred times it won't work.The forum system can't change personally.
  8. Saber

    In-game Names

    Yes but its just a forum name.I used many names but this fits better.
  9. Saber

    Abuse of Power

    I think devs should answer this one anyway mind your own buisness.I rate this thread 10/10 needs more information.
  10. Yes i don't know how to hack Swaaz.Feel free to be safe! xD
  11. Saber

    In-game Names

    It's pretty obvious.Not telling all your in game names make you feel safer than being more famous.
  12. If there's a really poweful hack tool with many connections it is the only thing that can.An intern developer can hack warspear lol(although offtopic seems legit)
  13. I miss the old days lol.I think in 2013 there was a lot of conflicts and dramas! There were so many posts here daily in the past but now the decreasing numbers of old players are dying.
  14. Ranger Army OP!

  15. Depends on the server.But i agree t4mc is hard since elves will just go randomly and everyone gets killed no matter how good the players are. Have you guys use a bow and arrow?
  16. Seriously sorry for 3 posts i didn't even wanted to spam please delete them! It was lagging! Please forgive me i don't want to get another warning points and i didn't did this on purpose i don't want to get another! If i get one it will just say spam/profanity!
  17. So even you get 10000000000000000000000000000000000 warning points you won't get banned if the moderator wanted to?
  18. окаы нош им спеакинг ин руссиан бут тыпинг ин енглисч лангуаге бут ин руссиан кеыбоард!
  19. I forgot about this one.Since he's retired idk who works for the wiki.There are Millions of Warspear Users and nobody cares about the wiki lmao.
  20. Can you guys speak english but write in the russian keyboard
  21. It's easy to remove warning points! Get a forum hack tool!
  22. If you're warning point is 3 and you get the 4th again and you get perma ban i guess.
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