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  1. Warriors of Arinar! We have recieved a strange, threatening message(plackp.JPG)from  whether the echoe of past events, or a prediction of the future. Nobody knows what exactly does it mean and how should you prepare for it. Everyone decides for himself.


    I am a Dreamwalker by birth, as all of my tribe. Borea is my land. It's rough but beautiful. When I get on the Road of Dreams, my spirit leaves the body and flies in the sky. I see Borea from above, but them my land fades and I find myself in the realm of dreams. Dreams can be read like books... if you are one of us. Great gift recieved from the Lord of our ancestors, Cronus.

    But we had to leave the land of our fathersastral lab.JPG. When Lord Cronus has called us to great campaign, we followed him without a doubt, along with Bloody Claws and Star Shadows. Three loyal tribes, we faithfully serve our Lord for hundreds of years. trails of Astral. It's cold and dark out here and only astral wind sweeps away, leaving a trail of silver in the darkness.(GREATER LAB??)


     Every day more and more compatriots come from the portals. The flame is lit on top of the Ziggurat.

    Portals turned crimson. This world will know about us. It's inhabitants dream about the war – they will see how children of Borea fight!( <_< This made me curious)


    Soon all will become clear!

    Team AIGRIND


    nice new lab kind of i guess, 99% sure, cronus boss + 3 tribe bosses

    NEW LAB :yahoo:

    oh, you!


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