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    darkme reacted to Nosotraes in Few questions from a returning player.   
    Let me also try to answer your questions:
    1 - I don't have experience with converting large amounts of Miracle Coins into gold. Julia's answer might be the best one you'll get.
    2 - EU stands for Europe. In most cases, people tend to accept English as official game server language, but a lot of people speak French and/or German and other widespread languages. Therefore, the official EU language doesn't exist. Find some English speaking people, have fun with them:)
    3 - Rangers have always been a top class for pvp, just as Rogues are. People will disagree with these, but they both have bonuses that give them enormous advantages over other classes.
    4 - Amplifying to +10 won't be worth it for the long term. I personally wait with amplifying everything until level 30 is officially released. That's gonna take some time though. The devs are probably going to release higher level arena gears in the near future, wait for those to arrive and then start amplifying.
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