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  1. I'm assuming this is the first time dungeons are locked behind PvP events, so is the goal to force PvE players to collect & amp arena gear or just an attempt to bridge the gap between PvE & PvP communities ingame? Genuinely curious, because guilds were specifically recruiting PvP players since the preview post.
  2. I've plotted out my tactics alright. Will be logging in for anniversary, halloween and christmas.
  3. It's a game of chance and that can be extremely annoying, but be happy that nothing is rigged. Imagine being forced to buy luck runes, luck potions and amplifying luck accesories to stand a chance.
  4. 1) Xp pot will work on this? 2) No daily reputation cap? 3) Offtopic, but any idea when this big skill rebalance update is coming?
  5. F I used to think that Snorlax disguised herself as Daria for some reason. You both are probably the sweetest admins ever. Tc!
  6. Last year, it was towards the end of October
  7. Oh i thought horror & snow + 4 new classes. Guess i gotta wait for a few more months to collect some dmg gear for my hunter.
  8. Just an option to restore deleted characters. Rest already mentioned
  9. 6% is good in the long run. They might even reduce the pdmg stats in #2-3 rewards. But I kinda understand what you're sayin. Mayb they should replace the static hp stat in rings and amulet with health augmentation. But I still dont know how to fix the cloak.
  10. Hard to translate. Words are hard to swallow. I think it means the developers are making us grind hard for less dipping sauce.
  11. Its not as simple as you think it is. The Russian forum is seriously discussing how this move will affect the economy. I found this interesting, translate at your own discretion. (вопрос в вопросе зачем качать лишний раз твинка на лвл если собираешься тупо дрочить голд при условии что голд будет падать одинаково вне зависимости от прокачки лвл ?..надеюсь поняли о чем я)
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