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  1. A 1-on-1 arena with more than 20 people in the same place you think?
  2. For that you ignore the messages of praises admintradores
  3. I see all the costumes and I see that the effort is not worth, there are some that do not have any creativity others that are copies and others that simlemente for not having a good title do not call attention and others like this costume that this cowna deserves more visits
  4. What is creative? Make a version of a woman knowing that the creator, eforzo to do it, did you ask permission to the creator of the idea?
  5. use several accounts and publish several costumes and if you want I leave the names and he does not eliminate the publications, this is unfair
  6. GOBlINK ES un angel de la muerte que surgió de renacimiento después de la guerra de los elfos contra los oscuros este es el primer mostró volador capas de matar a cualquier enemigo que se le cruze en su camino derroto a todos los mejores jugadores que se podían encontrar en su camino venció HYDRA Y después a kronos después de coronarse como uno de los mejores monstruos se encontró con pelion una isla alas afueras de aydonovil la cual destruyo la famosa torre festiva donde se encontrabas capas con vida,la cual la usan los mejore jugadores del juego, destruyo todo es mapa y se volvio a amigo de petris y juntos quieren acabar con el festival de bisfull que no demora de aparecer este personaje fue creado por los pecados que cometían todos los jugadores esta hecho de ira pura y sed de evngaza GOBLINK It is an angel of death that emerged from rebirth after the war of the elves against the dark this is the first showed flying layers to kill any enemy that crosses his path defeated all the best players that could be found in his way beat HYDRA And then to kronos after being crowned as one of the best monsters he found an island pelion on the outskirts of aydonovil which destroyed the famous festive tower where you were living layers, which is used by the best players of the game , I destroy everything it is map and it became a friend of petris and together they want to finish with the festival of bisfull that does not delay to appear this character was created by the sins committed by all players is made of pure anger and thirst for evngaza
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