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  1. i Can`t download [2011.07.29] Announcement of update "Warspear Online: Legacy Of Berengar" 1.0 ???
  2. Its not easy to find a party, there not have complete shadow of berengars quest.
  3. Right now i am alone in that quest. If i find Druids or Rangers, so shall i attack the green one, and my D or R shall attack the violet one??? And try to write all phrases so i can anderstand.
  4. How can i do, when i touch them i die. And i play with Bladedance.
  5. which violet, there is two violet shadow. i attacked the 2 violet and they other shadow killed me in one move.
  6. how shall i complete shadows of berengar quest? i attack one of them and they all attack me.
  7. It happen to me too on my third hero. And i use iphone 4.
  8. The 1 is i can`t download warspear on pc, the 2 is i can`t use my masteryi hero in iphone warspear.
  9. I can`t come ingame. I have a hero name Masteryi, i can´t come in with this one, only with the 2 other heros. I can chose play and so the world, but when i chose masteryi hero so its loading and its will not stop. The 2 others hero can i use ingame, but not masteryi hero. I can´t download warspear on windows, its say it will harm my computer and it will look like is a virus.
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