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  1. lmao you want a melee class being a healer? funnies shit i've ever read :lol:
  2. it was moved to first town (armor cliff for mc)
  3. at house in bone court (north-east) ;)
  4. 2 stacks trick works, you need to use Poison Spittle after to get an effect. deathly stare is meant to weaken opponet at start only i think since it decreases maximum hp only, so if u attacked ur opponent with bigger damage than the effect of skill you won't see any result. could be a great support on boss hunts but they resist it :bad:
  5. then maybe skill needs to be changed. 40% also creates possibility that each hit will be doubled (which happens way too often for such chance in my opinion) and once it happens the opponent is screwed. no other class has such advantage.
  6. Nothing that comes for free will increase any chances in this game ;D
  7. what goes around comes around they say.
  8. Maybe it's not but appears to be at least 90%. Not mentioning with crossbows they do enormous DPS.
  9. not only this in further quests you also get all the rewards. don't complain, easy gold from it! ;D
  10. has amp fail rate been incrased? i keep losing items at +2 :bad: i saw other people complaining about it also.
  11. download apk from site if its android. version from google play seems buggy.
  12. there http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=978.msg67787#msg67787
  13. if you don't know what actually happened then just stfu instead of spreading lies.
  14. It was said by devs that rogues will be able to use any range weapon with physical damage and rangers will get stealth (different from the one rogue has now). I hope plans haven't changed :spiteful:
  15. Generally, all ranged classes have high advanage over meele but none class has as big as ranger (enormous DPS).
  16. the most pathetic rangers have spoken santor, retlua, jhun :lol: even blessing cant help you ;)
  17. Will you fix ranger's blessing or you are gonna still ignore thousands of reports and pretend that almost every double hit (at level 5 skill) is normal?
  18. omg what happened :shok: :shok:
  19. 6 characters per account ;) spy a Russian thread with translator, there's some nice info posted by devs out there.
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