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  1. Please either remove this quest or at least increase the drop rate of Ancient Wards. It takes more than one hour to complete it and i think it wasn't intended to be like this..
  2. A tu nasz z wczorajszego bicia Guardów :) Warspear Online - killing Lambert
  3. that was a great event :) dont blame me for the sound i let google choose one :P Warspear Online - killing Lambert
  4. was it smurfold? if so - this was misunderstanding. he said you were attacking him witout armour & with low hp so he thought that you wanted to die.actualy i always keep telling to our party to don't attack any elfs unless you get attacked but yesterday's accident pissed off us so much. see - one person ruined all our effort we put on getting as many players we could, one week spent on preparing, messaging everyone who could join us. all wasted by one damn guy.
  5. this bug is known and fixed clients will come along with update (end of july perhaps).
  6. on chociaż w nadir bije a nie jak elfy (niektóre) podchodzą całą party do 2 miasta i biją wszystko co się rusza. albo np. taki rzeszow i bubus. idziemy do was ubic kratta, dinalta, marakshe, przechodzimy obok nich nie bijąc nikogo (nas całe party). potem przechodzę obok nich i nagle kozaki bo sam jestem i ubijają za każdym razem. i jak tu się nie wk*rwic? swoją drogą to tak, liczyłem na pomoc elfów a przynajmniej na was ale wygląda na to, że się przeliczyłem. ja sam staram się nie bić elfów ale jak słyszę, że biją kogoś z party albo przeszkadzają w questach (jak np. wczoraj przy Gridaurze Komodo i jego banda) to idę i pomagam. mam tylko nadzieję, że elfy nie będą nas biły jak będziemy próbowali rozwalić Drogona i resztę.
  7. Just a reminder :). Berengar's guards tomorrow (friday) 17:00 GMT+2.
  8. Tak dla przypomnienia :) Berengar's guards jutro (piątek) o 17 :P.
  9. btw. limit of daily quests is actualy a good thing 'cause i couldn't stand more quests like dropping damn books :bad:
  10. odezwij się do mnie tak około godziny 20-21 (nick jak w profilu) to coś wykombinujemy :)
  11. panowie w piątek o godzinie 17:00 jak będziecie mogli wpadnijcie bo będziemy guardów młócić :)
  12. actualy they said they'll try before the end of july :).
  13. If your timezone is GMT+8 then 17:00 GMT+2 is 23:00 in your place. Please tell me if it's ok for you. (14:00 GMT+2 is 20:00 GMT+8 [+6 hours]). :)
  14. We're giving another try to Berengar's guards on Friday, 17:00 GMT+2, EU-Emerald server. The meeting place is Camp of Legion (for Mountain Clans players). As on our last try Firstborns completed their quests, Mountain Clans will start with killing bosses. Firstborn are asked to distract the guards. If there will be any team to kill guards from FB we will obviously help them too. Meeting place:
  15. if you mean healing potions then you can't buy them on the 1st island.
  17. Today at 17:00 GMT+2 we're going to kill Gariel so we could join the Guards killing tomorrow :) . All players who didn't kill it yet and all who want help are invited. The meeting place is Nadir city. So far these players confirmed their arrival: -Smurfer -Fractman -Devilz -Elendin -Awwww -Moons and me.
  18. we need such feature in game. it would be very helpful in comunnication with offline players. let's say we want to hunt some bosses next day. someone sends letter to party "Bosses tomorrow at 8 p.m GMT" and it's automatically sent to all party members. once that the offline player gets online, a message is displayed "You have 1 new message" or it could be an icon. sorry if it was suggested already. if so - please delete this post :)
  19. i'm there! those golden hear are mine!! btw. cool name for the screenshot. 69 suits it well
  20. no problem! i'm glad i could help you ;D
  21. i also had troubles with finding next quest. it's located here: the NPC name is Byorn.
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