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  1. Kuzmitch, Mioco we didn't make this story up just for fun or to make you busy and we have no point on lying to you. Anyway, same situation in Poland. It seems that only EU server is affected. The lags don't happen all the time but temporary and there's no point on checking tracert while you don't know that it's happening now. Can you give us IP of EU-EMERALD server? I'd check ping/tracert while lags are occuring. Also, I checked on phone and PC and both characters were getting lags but not at same time. I recall a similar situation in other MMORPG and they found out that this were DDOS attacks.
  2. I hope it will be useful for new players :) I'm not sure if i marked all daily locations of Firstborns, propably i missed some. Correct me please ;). Daily quests are marked by blue exclamation marks: There are 4 dailys for each player everyday and the locations of them are random.
  3. Actualy most of us didn't abandon our main characters. I made a shaman for PVP/wars and I'm using it to collect items for daily quests. It takes much less time to complete dailys with shaman instead of my rogue for example.
  4. What went wrong with maintenance? All players get huge lags then disconnects after "maintenance". What's the cause?
  5. wouldn't it be better to create locked thread and add posts about maintenance every week? :)
  6. Marcin

    daily rep

    hell no! 4 is more than enough and it would be unfair for players who already achieved 5th rank.
  7. no boss, it can be bought from Lenar at tavern after killing Berengar guards
  8. I didn't attack THEM first, I attacked Elfezz only ;)
  9. 272 so far :) Shaman rank 4
  10. I wouldn't touch Kryancelo if he hadn't attacked me first. Elfezz is one of our top enemies and I saw him going Sea Monster so I went there and attacked only him (there were Kryancelo, Elfezz, one druid and BD). This druid tried to help Elfezz but he died anyway so I came back to kill this druid also but Kryancelo attacked me this time. Then Pinoy & Kryancelo both attacked me while I was going to Sea Monster again so when I saw Kryancelo runing at Sea Monster I seized the opportunity and paid him back.
  11. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    i think it will come with end of july / beginning of august.
  12. Shadows of Berengar quest :) Warspear Online - Shadows of Berengar quest
  13. yes i did hit first and i'm sorry for this i have mistaken you with another guy. i hope you wont bear me a grudge :). i assure you that no one from our party will attack you again.
  14. Marcin

    perm killing

    pff so lame. if you would not join attacking us you wouldn't have to cry here on forum. once you attack us, you appear on our black list and remember - we don't forgive so easily
  15. Marcin

    A few ideas

    nah, shaman with berengar's gear look preety cool :)
  16. There's a long list of players with Shadows of Berengar quest :) -Myth -Marcin -Elfkiller -Tonytuanzz -Monek -Eirik -Fractman -Elendin -Slomaa and its not all :P
  17. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    link isn't working.
  18. Try at speaking wolf.
  19. Pamiętajcie panowie, że my nie atakujemy jeśli nie zostaniemy zaatakowani :). Wczoraj jakaś party chciała chciała zrobić shagga/lake elemental ale po drodze zachciało się im ubijać MC więc nie dostali się już tam do końca dnia :diablo: . Chcecie zrobić quest u nas -> zawiadomcie wszystkich w Party, żeby nie atakowali nikogo na naszych terenach ;D
  20. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    i might be wrong but i think it will be 2 playable factions (Chosen and Foresaken ones).
  21. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    Did you read this article? http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/06/28/mmobility-staying-desktop-free-with-splashtop-remote-and-warspe/ and did you spot this: The developers at AIGRIND have told me that a new update scheduled for July will introduce a friends list, guild management, two new factions with new territories, a cash shop with virtual items (the game is entirely free right now, but it used to be subscription-based) and a switch from the current reputation system to a more common system of leveling. 4 factions in game :shok: .
  22. i think Kuzmitch meant items for quests like Ancient Wards. anyway, what will be the use of this quest if no one will be doing it? as sulla asked please check the drop rate ..
  23. any reply from support team?
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