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  1. but both characters are on different accounts.
  2. i'm getting disconnected even when i try to trade items from one character to another :facepalm:
  3. i'm still getting disconnected sometimes when I'm using 2 characters at once.
  4. co to za śmietnik w naszym temacie :P swój macie! :D
  5. a klasy i rangi mam z fusów wyczytać? :D
  6. it seems like the problem is fixed now so you dont need to use proxy anymore :)
  7. LISTA POLSKICH GRACZY MOUNTAIN CLANS I FORSAKEN GRACZE AKTYWNI: SERWER: EU-EMERALD NICK KLASA LEVEL Pejaaa ROGUE 17 Onikuma DEATHKNIGHT 17 Matekms SHAMAN 20 Rzaniak NECROMANCER 17 Alicemoon NECROMANCER 20 Grimriper ROGUE 20 Brisign WARLOCK 20 Niteris NECROMANCER 20 Terravita WARLOCK 19 Alpengold BARBARIAN 14 Samiel ROGUE 18 Killever BARBARIAN 20 Ketonal WARLOCK 20 Everhealer NECROMANCER 20 Legacypl SHAMAN 14 Koodpl DEATHKNIGHT 13 Gfunky DEATHKNIGHT ? Ragonir ROGUE 20 Sunpl NECROMANCER 20 Soulhead WARLOCK ? Marcin ROGUE 20 Matekkk ROGUE 20 Magmos NECROMANCER 20 Koszernyx SHAMAN 20 Keleris BARBARIAN 20 Keniger ROGUE 20 Agusia BARBARIAN 20 SERWER: US-SAPPHIRE NICK KLASA LEVEL Royalz NECROMANCER 20 Lechita BARBARIAN 217 Subzerox BARBARIAN 20 Sorandor WARLOCK 20 GRACZE NIEAKTYWNI: SERWER: EU-EMERALD NICK KLASA LEVEL Tarcza BARBARIAN 20 Nekrofil NECROMANCER 20 Farron ROGUE 18 Dramma BARBARIAN 20 Premium SHAMAN 20 Elendin SHAMAN 20 Elekrogal ROGUE 20 Lopata BARBARIAN 20 Drittz SHAMAN 18 Ypyss ROGUE 18 Viro SHAMAN 20 Aro BARBARIAN 20 Bros ROGUE 18 Paziu SHAMAN 20 Hamster BARBARIAN 15 Bandicoot SHAMAN 15 Petrova ROGUE 18 Zbir BARBARIAN 20 Villiamo ROGUE 20 Erosoman ROGUE 18 Armagedon BARBARIAN 18 Scourge ROGUE 18 Gorol BARBARIAN 20 Wirek BARBARIAN 20 Proti ROGUE 5 Dawidpolak BARBARIAN 15 Moons SHAMAN 18 Monek ROGUE 16 Athros BARBARIAN 13 Wiatru SHAMAN 15 Drakopolan SHAMAN 15 Lordpoland ROGUE 18 Hardkorowy ROGUE 8 Ferron ROGUE 3 Revan ROGUE 16 Nyarl BARBARIAN 15 Duriel ROGUE 1 Goor SHAMAN 3 Sheila BARBARIAN 8 Liranna ROGUE 1 Naris SHAMAN 1 Karolkens SHAMAN 14 Slomaa ROGUE 15 Kasztelan ROGUE 15 Sinscale BARBARIAN 18 Tonberry SHAMAN 14 Adrianz ROGUE 12 Dzidex ROGUE 15 Omka ROGUE 7 Bocian BARBARIAN 14 Erwink BARBARIAN 15 Miletin BARBARIAN 13 Wonter SHAMAN 16 Cyrkon Barbarian 8 Blanzeygre SHAMAN 14 Arcymikros BARBARIAN 15 Widek BARBARIAN 12 Kofe BARBARIAN 16 Odonic ROGUE 13 Odon BARBARIAN 13 Mattispl BARBARIAN 12 Spit ROGUE 14 Sonaim SHAMAN 17 Holidick ROGUE 9 Eregionn SHAMAN 17 Dziadzia ROGUE 18 Varanas BARBARIAN 14 Jestersss ROGUE 10 Xchuckeyx ROGUE 11 Dopisujcie swoje postacie w postach podając nick level i klasę.
  8. http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJ3mQpMvrGKCEfc-2Pgb0CpKHVoX7eU_XZBQqKoIRz8rDYgRKl&t=1 rotate the screens please :rofl:
  9. WARNING! ONCE YOU DO IT YOUR INTERNET WILL BE PROPABLY WORKING SLOWER BUT YOU'LL BE ABLE TO PLAY AT LEAST :) . TO UNDO THE CHANGES (TO USE YOUR NORMAL CONNECTION) JUST UNMARK THE "USE PROXY SERVER" CHECKBOX (FOR PC) OR DELETE PROXY ADDRESS AND PORT (FOR PHONE) AND APPLY CHANGES. Hi! The solution is about setting an proxy and it's for players who get disconnected after few minutes of playing and for those who use same connection to play with anyone else (brother/sister etc.). It works for me great and can be used for all types of connection. You'll be able to play unil everything goes back to normal. For Windows 7: Go to Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> mark "Use proxy server..." and fill the adress and port with one of proxy listed here: http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/search-226416 For phones simply go to your internet settings / connections (example for nokia symbian phones: tools->settings->connection->acces points), click on connection you use -> options -> advanced settings and fill proxy adress and port with one of shown at site i gave you.
  10. Limit for 2 connections from same ip is a silly solution imo :aggressive:
  11. Firstborn or Mountain Clans?
  12. Marcin


    other skills are not implemented yet.
  13. You are increasing our curiosity only :lol:
  14. Try please connecting 2 characters from same IP and see results :)
  15. Everytime I try to use 2 characters at once (different accounts, pc & phone) I get "Connection to server is lost" error after ~2 mins of game and it looks like my IP is being blocked after this - i keep getting "Could not connect to server" but once that I change my IP I can get online again. What's wrong? I hope firewall isn't THAT sensitive?
  16. yes it's working cool not to mention the disconnects and problems with connecting again. here's traceroute: Śledzenie trasy do warspear-online.com []z maksymalną liczbą 30 przeskoków: 1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 3 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 4 * 28 ms 28 ms war-r2.tpnet.pl [] 5 * * * Upłynął limit czasu żądania. 6 44 ms 44 ms 44 ms hbg-bb2-link.telia.net [] 7 128 ms 127 ms 130 ms nyk-bb2-link.telia.net [] 8 150 ms 150 ms 150 ms chi-bb1-link.telia.net [] 9 151 ms 151 ms 151 ms rackspace-ic-134354-chi-bb1.c.telia.net [] 10 155 ms 155 ms 156 ms 11 150 ms 150 ms 150 ms 12 152 ms 152 ms 152 ms 13 153 ms 212 ms 153 ms 14 152 ms 152 ms 153 ms core1-aggr101a-1.ord1.rackspace.net [] 15 157 ms 155 ms 155 msŚledzenie zakończone.
  17. The disconnects are caused by wrong-working firewall. I'm sure you can play with same ip :)
  18. can't get online right now :nea: getting disconnected every few minutes.
  19. what a senseless topic :facepalm: . i don't have any crystal balls left so i can't tell you which class will be the best and which one will be the worst. :wacko:
  20. I tested few monsters on both sides. Here are results. Yellow crowned monsters: Mountain Clans Firstborn Dark Shaman: Shots to kill: 7-8 (no criticals) Shadow of Magician: Shots to kill: 5-6-7 (no criticals) Cutthroat of Blue Oak Shots to kill: 9-10-11! Bandit Steppe-Dweller Shots to kill: 5 This is weird as both monsters (Cutthroats and Bandits drop same items - Bitter Tincture, Ancient Wards, Golden rings) and all others drop items worth 12/9 gold. Here, on Mountain Clans side Blue-crowned monsters deal similar damage to Yellow crowned monsters on Firsborns side :diablo: . I also checked Red-crowned monsters on both sides. Mostly on elfs side I was able to kill them alone (like Fireater, Ailment, Fitch and the 3rd guy). For Fire cougar I would need an additional help. On MC's side for ALL of Red-crowned monster needed is help (Winged demoness, Old Cave Puma, Hired Assasins - needed 3-4 people at least, Leopard-Murderer, Shaman-Apostate). So how is it? Are monsters on MC's side overpowered or Firstborn monsters are too weak? Lets compare also dailys on both sides: Mountain Clans Firstborn Difficulty easy: -40 animal fat -40 bloody eyes -40 tribal idols -40 cedar pines -30 tongues -slay 3 trolls -slay 45 different goblins -15 animal and 15 cold blood -30 or 40 grey feathers -ugruck's invitation -30 imp horns - slay 20 fire elementals -30 ashes of despair -20 fury horns, 10 velonairy leaves -30 eyes of elementals -30 polished fangs Difficulty medium: -30 bitter tincture -10 nasty brew & 20 bent daggers -20 artifacts -slay demoness -slay leopard-murderer -30 polished skulls -30 stolen books Difficulty hard: -20 camelia (droprate extremly low) -30 ancient wards (droprate low, strong mobs - needed additional help) -20 robber's earings - Difficulty easy:-40 fat of animals -30 grey feathers -slay 20 wisps and fireater -slay Ailment and 2 other guys -5 hevenly stones (low droprate but only five) -slay 20 magmors and 20 ghosts -30 ancient wards -40 souls? Difficulty medium: -slay Fire cougar I'm sure I skipped 3 easy daily quests for Firstborns (don't remember the items I was picking) and i haven't done any others yet so please update list of Fb like I did.
  21. they didn't do anything yet it seems as it just started lagging again :bad:
  22. actualy what he said is true. Melvendill comparing to Godgorrat is a very easy island. And have you ever played Mountain Clans? If you have, then you would know it's true. Also daily quests are much easier on Firstborn's side. We mostly have dailys like get 40 items, pick up 20 items with droprate around 5-10% (Camelia) or get 40 Ancient Wards which droprate is also very low and it's not possible for Rogue or Barbarian to finish it alone. This daily for example takes more than 1hour to complete (for Shaman) and for other classes even more time (with help). Firstborns have easy dailys like kill File cougar, kill 3 guys, kill Fireater and slay 20 elementals, get 5 hevenly stones, same quest with ancient wards but mobs who are dropping it are much weaker on elfs side than on Mountain clans side and droprate is also better. It is very unbalanced and thats why most of players choose firstborn to play - it's much easier. I saw alot of players who deleted their characters and moved to Firstborn because they couldn't finish some quests and never came back. The only advantage for us is that we have much less noob players than Firstborns.
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