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  1. So nothing new for our weak rogues? :bad: Those new images for skills and crowns of monsters... I prefer the current ones
  2. i managed to be able to take screenshots on my symbian phone but had to set priority of Best ScreenSnap's process to high with Active File.
  3. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    admins could have admitted that they wont make it in time so i wouldnt have to check forum every hour for a news :wacko: :rofl:
  4. remove Drittz, i spoke to him he says he doesn't attack elves anymore unless he gets attacked/its his enemy.
  5. we got also 2nd acute dirk yesterday and 2 days ago we got Twisted Charge & Acute Claymore :yahoo:
  6. Warspear-Online - Drogon :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease: :tease:
  7. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    not enough bosses for such things. all would hunt them :wacko:
  8. http://666kb.com/i/bvk0xn8vzvcy23s4x.bmp [safe quilted jacket] Next shit dropped by Maraksha
  9. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    you want exp? go play other game ;)
  10. Marcin

    Upcoming update

    if its exp from monster i'm quitting game immadiately
  11. found that on warspear's facebook :wacko:
  12. http://666kb.com/i/bvj50nq0m21nhmome.bmp Light baldric (dropped by Dinalt)
  13. 2-handed weapons and chain armour are skills and as Kuzmitch said there will be no new skills in this update :tease: but i might be wrong :wacko:
  14. AiGrind bought this game from HeroCraft and yes, in past there were alot of different armours, weapons, skills like invisibility for rogue or wolf spirit for shaman. No idea why this all was removed.
  15. Lambert v2. Warspear Online - Lambert v2
  16. Nie wiem dokładnie ale Kuzmitch potwierdził na czacie że nie będzie nowych skilli teraz.
  17. co z tego jak w tym update skilli nie będzie ;)
  18. będę o tym pamiętał jak cię zobaczę przy którymś z "naszych" bossów :diablo:
  19. I did today's daily on elfs side. Our mob that drops pouches deals ~40 damage and is like 5 shots to kill (shaman), mob on elf's side deals ~30 damage and 3 shots to kill, both green crowns :facepalm: . And we have to get 40 pouches. Imagine how long it takes for barbarian or rogue to finish this daily.
  20. Chyba 1000 do 5 :D. Niemożliwe żeby 100 było ;) W następnym tygodniu już r5 będą Mcmug, Sulla, Moons i ja ;)
  21. tell me then how can lets say 2 brothers play at once? both have same ip so they can't play at same time?
  22. seems like misunderstanding. sorry ;)
  23. and i heard that you were disturbing low rank players in killing pirate captain for long hours (on firstborn 1st island). add yourself here :bomb:
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