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    DeathKnight Guide - (Updated 27-3-2019)

    BASIC SKILLS BUILDS PvP build Dark Shield 5/5 - Dark Shield give the chance to ignore enemy damage with accordance to your armor, the more armor you have the more damage the skill will ignore which will give a increase chance of survival, as of the last time this skill got an update the chance of working is 80%, giving a huge durability and allowing you to withstand great amount of damage. Thorn of Death 5/5 - Leveling Thorn of Death will allow you to increase your output damage and let you kill enemys faster, its a given that you need to have a damage skill with some levels for all classes Exhalation of Darkness 3/5 - which will give you extra magical damage, as much as you have magical damage the skill damage will increase - NOTE : you could switch the leveling of Exhalation of Darkness and Thorn of Death for more Magical damage as Thorn of Death deal Physical damage as for Provocation and Threads of Darkness keep them at 1/5 - use Provocation to make enemy lose target in case you want to run and use Threads of Darkness to pull running enemy's toward you - you could give Threads of Darkness some levels as it give extra damage to all following attacks but then you need to lose some levels in other skills, There is also the possibility of leveling Threads of Darkness to 3/5 or even 5/5 as the skill will increase all other skill damage toward the effected target PvE build Dark Shield 5/5 - Dark Shield give the chance to ignore enemy damage with accordance to your armor, the more armor you have the more damage the skill will ignore which will give a increase chance of survival, as of the last time this skill got an update the chance of working is 80%, giving a huge durability and allowing you to withstand great amount of damage. Thorn of Death 5/5 - You need this skill to for outputting damage to enemy's and bosses Provocation 3/5 - as of latest updates support classes heal Provoke the monsters to attack them so you need something to attract the monsters attention away from the healers - also bosses attack the higher damage outputted to them, so most of the time bosses will attack damagers so you need something to attract the boss attention to you - try spamming this skill it have low energy cost and cooldown. as you can see Dark Shield is leveled max in any case, this skill considered the heart and soul of DeathKnight, and is the most important Basic skill dk have - For knights who want to pass to the second map level Dark Shield it will give you durability to kill 5-6k mini bosses without help and survive if you get lot of Monsters around you, then level Thorn of Death for some damage EXPERT SKILLS BUILDS There is lot of build you can go with expert skills and combine them with base skills and each other Health steal build and this build it self split to some builds of course all Health steal skills need Horror accessories , thought it is not necessary, it help a lot, also getting Saturation 4/4 as it give 25% extra Health steal for 15 seconds. saturation will take 10% of your health along side energy with the latest update to the skill instead of the old 4%, you need to take this 10% in consideration, 10% of health is a lot of health for tanks that became easy for them to reach 4k-6k health 1 - AoE Health steal/Dungeons and Bosses hurricane 4/4 saturation 4/4 - Use these skills with each other to get high Health Steal parameter and then burst enemy's with high physical damage and steal health from them - The more enemy's around you, the more Health Steal you do! - use Death Call to attract the target around you toward you so that you can set yourself up for life stealing from them with the build. - NOTE : by the name this build can only work if big numbers of enemy's are targeting you, so that you get a use of that AoE skills its most effective in dungeons and against groups of players and/or mobs, although its not really a problem because you Steel Hurricane should deal up to 500-1000 depends on your damage - even in 1v1/2v2 you will get a good amount of Health Steal - and remember these AoE skills can detect and reveal Invisible enemy's 2- Single target/PvP Health steal saturation 4/4 Sharp Shadow 4/4 - as of latest update for sharp shadow Steal Health from enemy's if you on the effect of Saturation so leveling Saturation and Sharp Shadow 4/4 is really good, also this skill damage is magical so adding some magical damage to your gears and weapons is good for more damage from it - NOTE : the build is best and most effective in 1v1/2v2 arena, it can also be used in farming bosses as long as you don't get lot of enemy's around don't get me wrong, its good in group fight and dungeons but it will not show its max potentials... Regeneration build Secret Reserve 4/4 -This build need you to get a large amount of health regeneration which this skill multiply it to increase your regen - just remember Regeneration effect get cut in half if being attacked or in battlemode(When your health GUI flash red) - also recently i encountered some characters who wait until your Secret Reserve is activated To use all there skills and kill you before it do anything so getting some armor so that you can survive for the skill to do its magic - Gear like Heroic Endurance, Golden Dawn, Kronus, rings, and shields have a Hp regeneration Bonuses - other gears that you can enchant with regeneration like amulets, caps and shields for more regeneration - NOTE : this skill is useful in most of situations you might encounter and can reach to high regeneration income, that's probably why people consider it "Broken", however beware of smart players as they could play around this skill, also this skill help you by giving you bonus armor, if you managed to get high hp regeneration then the skill well do more than 900 regeneration a tick for 12 seconds I'm gonna keep this build for the sake of people who might be curios to know, but this build is no longer possible or good in anyway.. as for latest update to secret reserve the skill now increase the Health regen parameter instead of giving a healing buff depending on health regen, and the skill decrease the regeneration rate from every 5 seconds to every 2.8 second while also receive a increase to its cooldown. while a 180% might seem good on paper, the skill need full focus on health regeneration to acquire needed results, considering there is much better skills to use the skill point on, the skill might not be best for casual players or f2p players... Stun build Blow of Silence 4/4 Sharp Shadow 4/4 with some Skills CoolDown luck and timing you can stun the enemy for a long time - also you can combine Health steal build with the stun build, as the stun build use Sharp Shadow get Saturation to 1/4 and then Sharp shadow will steal 50% with it use it with blow of silence to deal extra damage and steal even more - NOTE : this build is best used in arena and 1v1/2v2, as you can completely control an enemy if your skills succeed to hit, just remember that 2 of these skill require you to hit for there effect to happen so building accuracy is good, also remember Blow of Silence Does not stun the enemy but prevent them from using abilitys which mean they can move and the skill does not end if you fail to attack but stay until you successfully attack or the duration end - also use this skill on multiable targets if your team is in need, and don't waste all these stuns on 1 target, to give your team a chance to breathe -Use Exhalation of Darkness with this build because it also stun the enemy. Bonus armor build Dark Shield 5/5 Aura of Hatred 4/4 Blood Protection 4/4 - Dark shield Damage absorb depends on the character defense and aura of hatred Give 15% extra physical and magical armor/damage - NOTE : this build can be used to withstand bosses and players, and with support classes shield you will be literately a tank and if you are maxed level then give aura of hatred and saturation a chance as aura of hatred give more damage also meaning more Health steal Blood Protection Blood Protection is the newest Expert skill Death Knight received. - Blood Protection reduce incoming damage by 50% for 8 seconds with a 22 second cooldown at max level leveling, the skill might not be required to achieve high durability but its a nice skill to have even at 1/4 if you can afford one just remember that the reduced damage does not stack with dark shield... meaning the skill will reduce the damage after dark shield so if you got hit 800 damage and dark shield ignored 600 then blood protection will reduce from the 200 left which at max level will reduce 100 damage. - there is no particular build that this skill work really good with, guess it good well with all builds, thou i do not recommend leveling it, i still recommend having the skill for the sake of it existing value RELICS while i can't give specific guiding to relics because choosing relics depends on you and your playstyle and what you need, i can still give some opinions on likable relics. - Each Base Skill can have 4 relics one offensive, one defensive, one empowered and special - Getting on Provocation is good for the PvE build, small relic increase aggro by 30% and Great increase it by 60%, while its favorable to get Great relic, if you didn't find one or can't afford it, getting small relic is fine. - relics like that deal damage also give you Health steal, so against a boss you could deal 1500 damage and you will steal from it For Thorn of Death trying Blood-Devourer relic for life steal build is good, also you can have the curse relic with it, which if they both work and the effected target used an ability curse relic will give you more life steal for defense build add Relic of Physical Resistance to some skills like provocation and death shield for stun build adding Relics like Relic of Stunning Ability to Thorn of Death, Relic of Silence to Thread of Darkness can increase you chance of stunning enemy's. Final Tips - Aura of Hatred can be used with every build mentioned here, for more defense and surviving or for bonus damage. - Use defensive increasing skills/consumes before dark shield to get maximum defense.
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    Is this really seen as cute?

    Hello, I want to know if this smiley is actually cute. My friend and I have been wondering since the name of this emoji is called: ''cute bear smiley'' As far as I can see, this emoji does not look cute at all. It more looks like the average pedobear emoji.
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    Баш в тапках

    Надо сделать что бы второй стан падал на кастера и проблема решена, оба стоят в станах никому не обидно.
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    Довольно щепитильная тема, но всё же я её коснусь, раз уж есть у меня идея как преобразовать нашу панельку быстрого доступа, только касаться она будет бафов (каст на себя/каст на союзника) и ивентовых навыков. Именно бафов, а не дебафов, навыков и контроля. Для тех кто не понял приведу по бафу с каждого класса: Шам - Кожа, Вар - Неистовство, Рога - Уклон, Охотник - Уклон, Рей - Уклон, Дру - Кожа, Страж - Форта, Бд - Парир, Некр - Ядощит, Чк - Каменное тело, Дк - Щит, Заклин - Благо, Пал - Аура, Маг - Деф, Жц - Дд, Иск - Пробив. Помимо классовых бафов есть ещё ж межклассовые (ареновские). И конечно же бафы/скиллы ивентов. Весь этот шик, ну, просто не умещается на столь малочисленной панельке. Поэтому можно было бы добавить функцию "запихивания" бафов в одну кнопку, например, для пала (да простят меня другие классы). Бегая им на арену, приходилось со скоростью света закидывать бафы на панельку и бафаться в течение 10 сек, а потом обратно закидывать уже необходимые автивные скиллы или в том же инсте, с пвп пока поменяешь бафы на пве, пати уже в другой локе бежит. Собственно вот примерные скрины ожидаемого нововведения. В конце, собственно, хотелось добавить: чтобы избежать дальнейших жалоб на малогабаритность нашей панельки, я подумал и решил что такой вариант будет намного рационален именно для бафов и ивентовых навыков, это даст то самое место для скила, который вы хотите закинуть на панельку, а с учётом добавления новых бафов и навыков (не будет же, например, 40 или 60 лвл бегать с 12-ю скиллами) данная функция будет актуальна всегда.
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    Richest player list (weekly)

    No idea, but agree on it being private info.
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    i would definitely suggest Saturation and secret reserve, its really good for PvP and farming bosses, the only disadvantage i can think about for this build is the lack of stuns which ofc if you leveled these skills all stun skills will be at 1, and that will make you weak against runners like (warlock,hunter,shaman,druid,priest,necro,ranger and charmer) as for using it for farming, dgs, and well... against melee classes, max these skills is op Death knight have a total of 4 magical damage skills, exhalation of darkness, death call, sharp shadow and blow of silence i don't really recommend magic damage as a main damage type for dk, sense these skill don't do lot of magical damage, however sharp shadow do lot of magical damage if we are talking about a +600 magical damage dk and 4/4 sharp it would be common thing to health steal 1k hp or more with this skill if you still want to go magical damage exhalation of darkness 5/5 dark shield 5/5 thorn 3/5 sharp shadow 4/4 blow 4/4 don't level up death call!, this skill is just shit, its just shit use it to aggro nothing else.
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    For sure it increases survivability, but if you can afford a life steal build, I'd go for Steel Hurricane, more than Reserves. But if you like that skill, you can always try to balance all of these 3 skills, by adding 2 points each.
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    The Art of Kiting

    Hey everyone, me again. Heres a new video of me kiting two +10 magnacarta bds around with 10000 buffs on them compared to my 0 buffs all in the name of fun.
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    Под анимацией полёта я имею в виду такую анимацию, которая от заклина идёт к цели, как у шара мага, стрелы чк, сферы чк и т.п.. Сейчас чуть ли не у всех навыков заклина она идёт просто так, зачастую падает на тебя сверху нечто. Казалось бы, ну такое есть у слёз жц, у молнии дру, и т.п. Но главная разница тут - у них палки, и палки сразу ассоциируются с дальним боем и прочим. Когда же заклин с булавой станит тебя с 5 клеток (привет рела дальности), бьёт скиллом с 5-7 клеток, прячет тебя в камень с 4 клеток, выглядит это некрасиво, и конкретно дезоориентирует. Раз уж так выходит, что имея ближнее оружие класс умудряется атаковать с 5 клеток, то хотя бы сделайте нормальную анимацию.
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    возможно эта задумка уже предлагалась ранее, но думаю стоит изобрести велосипед еще раз) итак, как знают все, кто занимается крафтом, количество очков опыта в ветке ремесла мы видим лишь в разделе ИНФО как забираем наваренное со слота. развитие определенного уровня в ветке отображается только в виде ползунка оформляю свое маленькое, но удобное дополнение к этому разделу. заранее извиняюсь за не великие владения навыками фотошопа) как видно, предложение состоит в том, чтобы добавить строку над текущими открыми редкими задачами с отображением развития уровня в цифровом эквиваленте. спасибо за внимание)
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